Inertia, Indifference, Individualism, Carefree

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Four words and "evils" so currently present in the world.

An invasive epidemic of crippling disability.

A cure :
to take charge of ourselves with a deep examination of the
" WHO I AM "

What abilities can be implemented to overcome this inertia leading to carelessness...

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Inertie Indifférence Individualisme Insouciance

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Quatre mots et « maux » tellement présents actuellement dans le monde.
Une épidémie envahissante d’un handicap paralysant.

Un remède :
se prendre en main avec un examen profond du



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Planet Earth and its humanity in all reigns

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Humanity is moving towards an inevitable end of the contraction of terrestrial elements, including all the visible and invisible forms that inhabit it.

The non-information of these elements creates muffled and explosive tensions
The lack of culture o the phenomena of earth upheaval results in a...

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