The reflection of your face in the mirror

question your look

An awakening awakens

A critical impulse!!!

A magical moment of: who am I?

Uncertainty of one’s own judgment!!

Discover the profound beauty of acquired knowledge and the flaws revealing deficiencies to master:
a wealth to evolve
The face: a set of personality, character will reveal your way, it will change in the course of life according to joys and trials.
It is an open book to others

The eyes, depth and mirror of the soul, reflect without compromise your inner state
They are inquisitive benevolent in their reflections but leave nothing to chance of your perception.
The smallest part of the face evokes the present experience and the previous experiences everything is linked in the UNITY of the expressions.

The sight, the smell, the hearing, the taste
All the flavors and smells of the source nature of life often recall childhood??
Intense moments of the past days:
games, walks, holidays, family gatherings.

The voice, the vibrations: exceptional music 🎶 of the soul
A different sound specific to each human rivals in depth with the brightness of the eyes varying according to the sound
Similar to birds, singing, vibration propels an active force and participates in the vibratory feeding of the planet
Before judging the other in the chaos that is currently going on THE LIFE of the Worlds
Look at your face
Look at the others
There will be some understanding of the values
An opening to the creative delicacy of the World.
Personal analysis inviting a benevolent exchange between different categories of human beings.

Danielle FLOCH
The 10th of April 2019


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