The human being to be fulfilled and fully enrich himself will have to evolve towards integral liberation.

Self-knowledge is an indispensable step.

The foundation of the courses is linked to this knowledge of oneself.
A potential "Inner Wealth" deposited in each individual at the first birth is annexed in support to the Life that will develop during each course according to personal actions.

Over the course of many civilizations Guidance from each country.
Politics, Religions etc.
Freedom or repression

Humanity has been living at this rythm for millennia
The human has been shaped according to his conception and assimilation of the terrestrial years of his experience.
Body and soul, the changes of face express the outline.

The good and the bad, the most and the least all the dualities are found and are distributed in each being thus establishing the thread of the course.

Evolutionary course upward vibratory for the one who summon up one’s will of perseverance face the traps and obstacles on the path resulting from his experiences and all those engendered by the events of the world.

Course towards a certain ease of the moment by sliding to the ingredients
"Earthly pleasure" of all kinds ...

But watch out for the final balance
to the simple equation of opposites
This experience adding to others ....
A result in prosperous beauty or in free fall will be the ingredient of the next act.

To everyone the game of life
Heads or tails
There is no lottery
The only pawn is yourself

The old adage
All work deserves reward!!!
Is still current. O how much.

JUNE 7, 2019


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