Here are some lines from the Message of the conference on November 13, 1996
a moment lived in a great vibratory density.

Words transmitted to the assembly of November 13, 1996:

"Major events around the world,
demonstrations which in their amplitude will be practically on the verge of great panic.

When this time is effective,
The epidemic poison will rage in all countries. "

Humans Act without consciousness of tomorrow on the Consciousness Plan
They feed the destructive forces.
These penetrate consciences and animate disturbing events in several disciplines.

Several epidemics in the world since 1918 …… .. and well before in previous centuries
The global scale that we are experiencing with Covid19 can be linked to this definition.

Groups of humans work together for the order of evolution of the Earth towards a higher vibratory force helped by the forces of Light.
Hard work in action for several years.

In this painful context in certain countries reigns the disorder and goes sometimes to rejecting the other.
It is important to raise the vibration of his consciousness, of his soul to help that of the World

Thus to preserve Tolerance, Love and Peace.

APRIL 2, 2020


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