Vibrations (in English)

Humans are connected from one end of the planet to the other, the threads are woven for millennia.

They vibrate of the active force of life, of the force of the soul, of the strength of the creative will that governs the universe.

The Earth's past is heavy, loaded with great beauty and in return of great cruelty.
The balance leaves an asset of misery in which some parts of the world strive to find a breath of life in the lower vibrations that choke.
A Light in their suffering.

The warlike conquests have left on the ground, in the land, acts terrorizing life, ruthlessly suppressing it to make way for decisions of power.

Oh illusory power when we observe the world today

The rout of the concept of sharing, morality, respect for other's life.
A simple work of each would lead to a path towards higher vibrations, a thought in the morning, a smile to the nature and above all a behaviour focused on the evolution of the soul.
A job requiring a strong will.
In our drifting world all must become involved in the reconstruction of life.
The creative force of universal light is present to support this project.

18 MAY 2015



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