A breaking storm is blowing over the life of humans, jostling humanity every day both physically and on the depth of the being, I am talking of the soul.

An image:

A spider web woven for millennia: each thread represents a human being with his lives, his experiences, his history and the rest of the path to cover.

Then the threads of the countries keeping in mind the history of the ground, of the wars, genocides, divisions, differences of religions, etc.

All these aspects are very much alive under our feet, and with every step we carry a small fraction under our soles.

We are living in an atmosphere of pollution updated today by toxic products relays, but also how toxic is the thought when moving towards the lust of power and will without limit.

Human being sometimes is amazed of its difficulties, more or less depending...
The soul is the flawless memory, it can lead to the right path and avoid illness, error of course, disappointments and vices of all kind.

One must listen to his soul, the human being has lost the inner concept that shapes the being, the depth of his heart, he listens to his mind that plays with him.

He goes blind along his years, he absorbs all the waste without realizing that this invasion leads to low vibrations, leaving up before him the vibrations of Light.

The awakening will be painful, but it will be at the very moment of the will that directs this world.

18 MAY 2015


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