I want

I want, strong possession of the mind in human beings

I take it because I want...

What is the development of this "I WANT" in the being.

Since its coming to the earthly world the entity quickly learns the "I want", and the pace of power.

Education is at the forefront of the "I want" It should be explained as inner conduct in childhood.

Not the "I want" of the mind to dominate, take power over ......
But the "I will" of the heart, that of course from birth to the end of the incarnation following the thread that will run according to the inner conditions of being.
Be attentive to the voice of the soul, feel vibrational presence.
Responding to the joys and pitfalls of the course with the same desire to move through changes, steps ...... towards the universal force.

An oversight of our society for centuries that does not take into account the course of the soul but the opportunist one of the mind, where the byways astray at every step. Thus humans crossed darker and darker shadow zones.

This X number of humans implies for others a course of arduous struggle to maintain the delicate balance of the rise in vibration to the universal source of life.

Danielle Floch


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