The Stairs of the initiative

Surrounded by the Masters of Wisdom on the highest level, that of the Crown, the initiate looks at the stairs leading to the Earth plane.

He will leave this place of intense vibratory sweetness of intense Life light, accepting the rigours of daily struggle to sow in the heart and soul of men the seed of true life, reborn in everyone towards peace and unity in humanity depending  on the acceptance of every soul.

The initiate will come down shrouded in his vibrational force gained in all his experiences, accompanied by the Light of the Almighty as well as by little luminous creatures who will not leave him along his earthly journey.

Step by step, meditating on each, he goes ahead firmly in full consciousness of every earthly reality.

It leaves little luminous creatures on a vibration protection space. Then he enters the dark realm where humans live.

Humility, love, seed, aid to all sufferings will line his path.

After completion the stairs will open before him, he will join the little luminous creatures and step by step go back to his place in the Crown plan.


13 June 2015



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