In all the worlds of creation respect is the basis of life, of the concept of sharing.
Respect is the life, development of being.

For thousands of years the nature of Man denied the respect, and headed for the enslavement of nature to its purposes of voracious power.

The animal world respects itself and animals live according to the laws of nature.
Humans broke the law by using animal beyond the limits of life.
In the creation everything has a meaning from the blade of grass to the giant trees, from the little flower in the field to the greenhouse roses.
All fruits and vegetables available to the terrestrial food.

In the creative field every life radiates beauty.
This beauty was given to mankind to know all the smells and flavors.

Human survival is a factor in the establishment of new values of respect.
Respect for the air, for the planetary vibration affected by dark areas triggering diseases and malformations of physical bodies, a degeneration that is growing year by year.

We observe this lack of respect every day, in behaviours, in words, in disharmony.
The faces are empty, marked with a greyish print.
The bodies are shrunk under the weight of an invisible burden.

At each being looking to his conscience, to recover and build a new era of healthy living in respect and harmony.

September 16, 2015



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