In these so-called modern, cultured, and innovative times of establishment of multinationals.

Humans no longer know the boundaries of the inner well-being, no longer distinguish their abilities to be, they follow like robots what was programmed by forces that lead the world toward an inevitable fall.

Human beings think mentally love, but to love who??? what ??? themselves ??? and even, this first aspect leads to a loss of self-control, a consciousness that is content with little.

And now the world flares into violence, destruction of cities, countries and human beings in conditions in no way reflecting the creative principles established on earth at the beginning of creation.

These changes in human consciousness, the non respect of nature by pollutions of clouds of all kinds (toxic products, thoughts, money) everything to the will of man weakened in its internal strength, lead to hatred, jealousy and want to take power and earthly goods at any price ????

A very toxic price for the soul, destroying the cells that drive the physical body, vehicle of flesh cells in real life, those that allow the exchange between people.

A must exchange of love linking the divine creative plan to the physical plan.
A love alive and vibrant in simplicity, humility, mutual aid.

The notoriety of the MONEY, thirst to take the most of the others caused a descent of humanity in dark vibrations, low and this for millennia.

Taking advantage of this situation of more and more greed and corruption, low vibratory forces engaged have  implemented destruction by pain: disease and  viruses of all kind feed the dark mass; wars for various (many) reasons, family conflicts, etc.

Time for reflection ... to put forward a recovery of the direction of every human life has resonated in the globe.

Learn again to listen to his soul connected to the divine, to resume exchange, back in the early days when the earth was animated by a light vibration.

Every human with will and perseverance can succeed to mute his mind and put in himself the light force to live and not suffer, and as and with future generations .........



October 25, 2015


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