Man identifies himself in the earthly world with a map summarizing his condition.

Who is Man? From his coming to Earth to date

His state of mind. His wealth and internal deficiencies.

To which horizon is he going?

Goals and issues of terrestrial life in the flow of contradictory and vague movements of proclamations of all kinds of appeasement to violence.

He seeks his profound identity and does not recognize around him the nature of his soul.

He hesitates on a path strewn with traps of all categories.

Between freedom to be or slave or the ease or laziness.

For some this disorientation of the true inner life leads to indifference. To break with the other. Move away from the gaze of the other, ignore the pitfalls of truth.

At that moment all seeds that appear find in him a ferment of lifting:

Or the sincerity of the work to be done or the destruction housed at the bottom of each human.

The trend towards destruction plaguing our world can not resist all those who want PEACE, a unit of LOVE between men.

This path is the work of everyone. He seeks only the will to access a simple life in a healthy planet and a reconstructed nature nourishing all beings because that is its role in creation.


Monday, March 28, 2016



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