The therapy of the soul concerns every human who wants to search the depths of his conscience why this life and its future.

Slowly open the door of the soul with the presence of the force received in each treatment
grasp the dimension of one's internal state, perceive the density obstructing the opening to other plans of consciousness.

Each step is important, the rise of each step is a victory over oneself.

The human being has in him all the possibilities of access to other plans.

It is first necessary that he is informed, then wanting to act.

With these two ingredients, he will start to move forward.

How? ........

Therapist of the soul, by the creative vibratory force that I give, the being will be heading to the basics and take in charge his development.

Gradually leaving the world of earthly illusions,

By cleaning the layers of veils that obstruct the inner vision, layers from residues of past lives but also the thoughts and actions of this experience.

Thoughts quickly act in good or bad directions, they are creative.

This platform provides an active base for the destructive forces on the lookout.

They are very present with the primary aim of preventing any move towards higher awareness plans.

So they keep the dictatorship of the guidance of mankind.

Whoever decides this every day fight becomes a tireless walker towards the top of the pyramid of the higher planes of consciousness and works for the liberation from the yoke destructive to the Earth's humanity.

NANTES THE April 28, 2016


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