Today what sense for the future of humanity? Of the people of a country. The future unique to each.


Humanity crosses its desert with no respect for life.


The sneaky rise of the ego for a few millennia guided by the forces of darkness towards the destruction of the human.


Bring him on a path or selfishness and inner loneliness lead to violence and misunderstanding to build fear.


A fear fed daily in the rapid communication and sometimes hurtful words

The weakest succumb; the course of their soul is crumbly.

The most advanced offer resistance and a springboard to the Light forces.


Fight for positioning at all times

But also enrichment on the course of evolution.

Find this wonderful land of life in all realms.


A planet may be the only .... to exist in the altruistic living of Nature.


I invite everyone to the reflection of his own inner domain and to unite for peace and solidarity in the culture of the living


Open the door to the expression of the luminous active life, taking care to avoid harmful intrusions


Monday, May 9, 2016

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