Four letters and an endless bond with the creation.

Internal Force of the Human.

Memory of our lives, guide and inspirer of acts and thoughts.

Respecting the personality of each one, it animates from the birth to the departure of the earth course the directives of the evolution.

It advances the being through the impasses and the upheavals of all kinds personal or planetary.

The "brain" of the soul is universal, it transmits and inspires, taking as a basis the achievements of the journeys made to direct a work of cleaning of the harmful and disruptive elements.

The therapy of the soul, the vibration received in the care allows a deep awareness of what one is, and walks quietly towards the objective of the path of this incarnation.

This awareness is rich in all the physical and subtle nutrients composing our bodies.

These elements help all perceptions, the development of education, morality, respect for creation, for oneself and for all human, animal, and vegetable lives.

The developed diseases of the human, often take their sources in the soul, harmful residues or malicious acts .........

To open the door of one's soul, to listen and to ennoble his thoughts activates a teaching towards a simple, humble, generous and active life. An acceptance of oneself, joys and hardships bringing solid and happy years.
DANIELLE FLOCH - December 8th


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