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Mrs FLOCH, or Danielle, if you allow me ... on this day 1 of the year 2017, my thoughts travel in your direction.

This morning, I feel the need to put words on our meeting. And it goes without saying that I cannot begin this letter, without thanking Pascal for having put me on your way. I say "put" because I do not know if I would have come on my own. Having been, and having become too "square", to see too rigid through my work, I can doubt, that in this month of September 2015, I would have accepted on my own to open the Spirit to me point.

This herniated disc, which decided to go a long way in my company during this first week of July 2015, was a magnificent gift: my realizations were chained. I have already started to learn to listen to my body after having walked 10 km in August 2015, at the bottom of a dry lake in central Brittany accompanied during this day by 7 or 8 anti pains !!!! Blunder ...

Then in September of that same year, I went to a district of Nantes, not more attractive than that ... and yet, at that time I did not know yet, that I was going to come back for 6 months, with great pleasure and great curiosity.

At that time, to be very explicit, I could not walk 50 meters without great suffering, I could not stand, I could not of course drive, and I even had difficulty getting into my vehicle, as a passenger ... despite it was a 4WD !!!! At that time, I had two solutions: to suffer, and not only in silence (to the detriment of sleep), or to take the pain relief that made me lose concentration and all somewhat "intellectual" faculties.

Danielle, I will never forget this first session, when I discovered that I could stay lying down for 7 hours in a row without move.

Then, I had two sessions or I "traveled" we will say, strangely ... I will not go into details, because the essential thing is that your "famous little guys" have always returned my legs at the end of the sessions and that you allowed me to accept something other than traditional medicine.

Your therapy was contrary to my beliefs, my fears, my reticence, my experience, my education ... However, I offered myself permission to open my Spirit and to half-open the door of curiosity!

Today, I feel the need to put these lines on paper, to share my experience and tell you ... THANK YOU!

Today, not only do I walk, but I use, I drive again and I finally succeeded in my business creation project, in Personal Development, bracketed, time to get to know you through this herniated disc.

There are encounters that upset you, you are one of them, DANIELLE!

Jean Michel

1st JANUARY 2017


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