The earthly course of life is like a river, calm on the surface and tumultuous underground.

The adventure is fantastic and rich for the one who has become aware of this fabulous experience at every birth to the earthly world.

A multicolored ribbon traveled little by little. Each step crosses joys and obstacles.


Simple in appearance behind the words.



The real life becomes the fighter's course when the carelessness and direction of ease activated by destructive forces animate the soul in a dark corridor and obstructs the luminous thread of previous gains.

This for each human but also for the regions and countries subjected to these forces that work in the leading matter and trap: "THE FINANCE"

The whole being linked from birth to rebirth since the creation.

To awaken one's soul in the force of life is part of the will for peace in beings and on earth.

This will must culminate, reach the top in every human and create its space of FREEDOM and PEACEFUL LIFE.

Approach each day in the morning by participating in the radiation of accepting others without difference as the sun heats every part of the world.

All humans in the deep of their souls want Peace, tranquility of True Life.

A balanced earth in all the elements that make it up.

They nourish and balance the prosperity of the living.


This desire finds its way into the will of every living and conscious soul.




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