Basis of all acts during the journey of life

Trust is innate in the soul,

It models the path,

It leads to evolution and enriches the mind.

A hope of Light, seed and harvest.


Faced with all sorts of maliciousness to the rejection of differences,

Physical and moral tortures in all senses and of all natures

To the need to destroy to build material things


A "reverse" of the evils of the human soul residues of the millennia of lived experience in the human condition:


Concerns all individuals and countries of the globe.


Confidence and hope hidden and bound in the soul must break the fasteners and make use of the Light Strength they contain


A flawless contribution for the one who is aware of it and wishes to work for the development of the simple and wonderful life in this beautiful terrestrial nature which only needs to be integrated with all the elements.


Trust develops in the course of days, experiences, encounters. It transmits the inner Force of the soul for the realization of the being on its terrestrial path.


28 FEBRUARY 2017



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