Human souls and destiny

Have humans declared war on planet Earth?

Disputes, conflicts, misunderstanding, destruction, the whole is connected in a spectacular cataclysm worthy of the "writings for the end of times" ....... The earth continues to live.

This so-called warlike attitude is surrounded and stifled by the direction of human thoughts, wavelengths superior to all terrestrial directories,

Neither cut nor break, only man can change the course of his thoughts.


What is revealed by the nature of the elements integrated into earthly life,

it undergoes changes, the emerging currents of humans, it tries to counter to preserve LIFE, and ...... ..

There comes a time when the pressure becomes too strong, and the explosion is inevitable.


The elements explode by the means they know, storms, hurricanes, cyclones, earthquake and all the other pressures warning thus human beings and all the earth inhabitants of the poison poured.


Let us not forget that animals and vegetation also suffer these attacks.


Humans are accountable to all the CREATION of the destruction of the balance of living terrestrial forces.

Imbalance of health for both humans and animals as well as for culture all linked to air quality.

This war, insidiously declared, leaves a physical trace only in certain devastated regions,

But the most active invisible is the trace left in the soul of each one more deeply.


This trace is the disturbed LIFE, it modifies the behaviors, the actions in daily life and entails diseases called orphan or unknown, and how many others will arise.


Soul is the LIFE of the human being and of all living beings in the creative formation at the origin of the worlds.





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