To be deluded, to be in illusion,

These terms resonate with the ears all along the terrestrial life.


In childhood this meaning escapes us, as adults, an interrogation ??

And sometimes a rebellion.

That comfortable mental that seems to guide, understand, trace paths to an orientation that often leads to failure or pitfalls.

Thus is woven a gray canvas leaving little room for the Light, the expression of soul and heart.

A kind of cocoon that will quickly become a prison for expression and evolution.


A sort of time bomb feeding on all the daily acts, thoughts, words (living vibrations that feed the earth's space).


The mind must be disciplined, guided by the strength of the soul, the inner nourishment of being, propelled into the evolutionary aspect of your life, of the path to be accomplished and enriched by this new earthly experience.


All illusions built in the mind and lived every day are a painful or even suicidal descent for the soul.

In each earthly experience the next is prepared and so on until the enrichment of being in the last plan of access to the Light.


Together human beings must build, find harmony, the exchange of heart and soul, participate in LIFE.

To be honest in his responsibilities to the world.

Do not be content with playing a role that leads only to nothingness.


NOVEMBER 5, 2017




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