THOUGHT, strength and form of LIFE invisible but active presence
universal principle of transmission ; it permeates our actions and our earthly experience from the first day to the last and well beyond .......

It is the most intense Source that is, it accompanies the being from birth.
A precious help to build, evolve, sow, educate,
It sometimes pursues an unknown path in our physical notion, but it advances to prepare the course.

Humanity today lives all forms of thought sown over the millennia,
constructions and destruction, love and hate, war and peace.
All the seeds will be lived to transform, clear and install the serene and peaceful life in every human.
Nature thinks in a different wave source and will often build in terms of men's emissions, as well as counterbalance and lessen the violence of future events.

Thought, inexhaustible source, inexhaustible river of peace of love. Feel free to draw on it your life force to flood your soul.

Without thought no form of life, no evolution of consciousness, a flat thread devoid of substances.
At each moment of silence in your day, put a little seed of love in your thought and address it in the reserve of thoughts of love, your soul will receive a revival of strength.

Through the vehicle "THOUGHT" the beings of light send mankind guidance forces towards peace, exchange, unity, respect for life from the creative source.
Humans hear or perceive the changes to come, wonder ???
but only worry about the present moment and sometimes the futility of that moment.
This is how other incoherent forms between men are placed.

A little moment of exchange with a little girl of 5 years yesterday Saturday, December 3, 2017. Cloudy sky in her place of residence, Full Moon visible at Les Sables d'Olonne
I send her a picture of the moon by mail ...... she answers ...... (her mom writes)

I write what dictates XXX ....

"She is too beautiful the moon ...
I love you I love you I love you...
I make you very big big big kisses
and a daddy kisses who went to sport
I send you kisses and if it snows, call me so that I arrive quickly to make a snowman "

A SIMPLE EXCHANGE of Love of a disabled girl, in a wheelchair for 3 years after a car accident. (a vehicle that went through a stop sign and crash ... ..)

And how often it happens in indifference .......

It was a blink to all, the acts of life can make disabled people at all levels not just physical.
In this month when everyone thinks of CHRISTMAS, think also of all the sufferings,
but above all to build a halo of peace, serenity and love around humanity.
A sharing of your time that will be invisible but so promising for the future of the world in crisis, lack of love,
Enrich your soul by nourishing the soul of the world.
A union of life-giving thoughts of exchange and respect for years to come. Thank you.


DECEMBER 4, 2017



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