Soul "Courage"

Which test each course for the human soul

Characteristic to every human being whose life it is

It observes, transmits information that often remains inertia

And yet .....


Listening to learn, first step from birth that seems innate to parent and school educators


But who teaches the vital function of soul ???

Rich of past experiences

It teaches deeply for both physical and spiritual life.


Its courage in all stages never lets up its vigilance.

Ignorance from the shadows also leads its course and fervently blocks all attempts to evolve


Today humans on planet Earth live the context created by the ignorance of some and the material proliferation of acquisition of others

the whole leads cleverly to a destruction of the soul by illusions

where respect and love are excluded.


In spite of this perverse turmoil implemented by the forces of the darkness, the movements set off, awareness is set and transmit the necessity to realize the life, to exist in the truth.


This lucid inspiration passed on is flouted and ignored by the supreme desire to dominate those who direct and apply their methods of development beyond all reflections on respect for life in both intellectual and spiritual culture as well as in agriculture and health and all forms of animal and plant life.


These constructive bases of vital life in the truth of evolution for all living kingdoms support the effort of each being towards Liberty.






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