Humanity is moving towards an inevitable end of the contraction of terrestrial elements, including all the visible and invisible forms that inhabit it.

The non-information of these elements creates muffled and explosive tensions
The lack of culture o the phenomena of earth upheaval results in a reactional nonsense.

Planet Earth has a rhythm of evolution like the human being and all the living elements.
Nothing is static everything is movement every second of Life.
Vibration not felt physically .......
But in all the subtle bodies (interiors).

A joy, a pain, brings in the body a vibratory thrust more or less dense according to the individual receptivity.
It also gradually brings about a change in behavior towards oneself and others
When you question your conscience for a question of work or any other personal steps you expect an answer ?? It will be given ..... transmitted ... ..according to your inner level of evolution.
Not always what we want to perceive or hear.
Avoid at this precise moment to close the door of the wealth which you possess in this opening of the soul.
Do not put the shadow of doubt
Do not erase the lines of your courses which are the bases of your evolution pyramid
On the contrary be in the acceptance of this course and move ahead.

Never conceal that you are the mastermind behind your lives and your guidance on the path of evolution
Like you, the Earth channels the millions of years of vibratory forces it evolves in these zones of forces that get entangled.
It contracts and expands according to the elements deposited by humans and all the living things of nature.
By the debris of the solar system and far beyond.

We are all in a rotation of Active Life
It changes over a number of millennia by changing behavior in the elements that compose it: water, fire air and subtle ether of our souls.

AN expanding ALL offering for the Life of the body and the soul.
Action involving efforts of understanding and adaptation on a daily basis based on earthly and spiritual life.

Enrichment of the inner strength and valuable help to build the propulsion springboard to the top of the pyramid.

A happiness and a dynamic that allows humanity to reach a summit where Love and Light share, an awareness of the truth of the work to be done.

Wishing to all this climbing step by step.

NOVEMBER 28, 2018


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